Baghdad Yucks


Here's the full text of the Bush-Blair press conference that Nick refs below.

I caught the second half on TV last night. Just when I was beginning to be unusually impressed by both men, Bush had to go and make a tasteless joke. It doesn't really come across in the White House's official transcription, but here's an annotated version.

"We have said all along there needs to be a role for the United Nations. We said so in the Azores. We will keep repeating it. And evidently there's some skepticism here in Europe about whether or not I mean what I say. Saddam Hussein clearly knows I mean what I say. [Cowboy Bush chuckles, momentarily pleased with himself, his joke, and the joy of kicking ass.] And when, you know, we?and people in Iraq will know we mean what we say when we talk about freedom."