The Alpha and Omega


Egypt's top Islamic cleric, Mohammed Sayed Tantawi of the al-Azhar mosque and university, said the "door is open" for volunteers to fight against coalition forces in Iraq, Reuters reports. The Iraqi regime claims thousands of such volunteers have arrived.

In turn, U.S. Marines say they encountered a mix of Jordanian, Egyptian, and Sudanese fighters in marshes south of Baghdad. Their bid for martyrdom ended via bayonet in some cases, hand-to-hand fighting being a area of emphasis for the Marines.


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  1. What, are they out of bullets now? Why not just SHOOT the idiots. What’s up with this lancelotting?

  2. Search for various nationalities at

    Like: sudan, russia, volunteers, mujahideen, mujahadeen, algeria, etc.

    Note that he also blamed Saddam, and said he should have stepped down. Top clerics in Yemen also recently supported jihad.

  3. Awfully nice of them to concentrate themselves for easy elimination, wouldn’t you say?

  4. Heh, it just wouldn’t be a war without emotionally-scarred 20-year-olds coming home with recurring nightmares of face-to-face combat for the next 60 years of their lives.

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