I Will Survive


Jim Knipfel has an entertaining review of survivalist literature in the New York Press.

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  1. Knipfel’s an OK writer, but I’ll take Wolfe over him any day of the week. I wonder if it would change Knipfel’s opinion if he knew that Wolfe is the real deal: she lives the lifestyle she suggests. Also, I got none of the feeling that she thinks everybody who doesn’t follow her advice is stupid from reading 101 Things…, although she is harsh on people who are too weak or lazy to follow good advice, nor do I think that she goes easier on politicians because they’re Republicans.

    Frankly, the main thing I took away from this article was wonderment at whether Knipfel has any idea how publishing works: he seems surprised that all the books he reads aren’t current up to yesterday’s news. Is he really unaware that books have to be written, then edited, then published, then distributed, and all that takes some time?

  2. Ah, Loompanics! I guess being on their mailing list is another strike against me when the big roundup of dissidents starts.

    The issue of Claire Wolfe’s consistency/integrity reminds me of Fred Woodworth’s (The Match!) jumping all over her for accepting ISBN numbers when she was so exercised about the SS number.

  3. “I never knew, for instance, that those innocuous supermarket “discount cards” were used primarily to create consumer profiles for marketing firms.”

    Where’s this guy from? I’ve got three cards from unnamed supermarkets, none of which have real information. And, that was before Poindexter announced he wants to tap into those databases. His article also doesn’t discuss biometrics. Just think, all you need to do is sign up for pay-by-fingerprint, and you can get a free hamburger!

    Also, I don’t know if that’s really “survivalist” literature, which I’d reserve for things telling you how to fish using dental floss and the like.

  4. Where’s this guy been? Probably the same place most of his readers have been… under the mainstream rock.

    Its good to see these “alternative” books reviewed for his readers. My east coast exposure to these books comes mainly from gun shows.

    I once started a parody book called “How to Kill Using Everyday Household Appliances” – a sort of hit-man Heloise.

  5. Jim Knipfel has been under a lot of rocks in his life, but I don’t think any of them are mainstream.

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