Tulia Update


A Texas judge has recommended that an appeals court set aside the drug convictions of 38 people arrested in Tulia on the dubious say-so of undercover cop Tom Coleman. Since Coleman found his own testimony unbelievable and the corroborating evidence was thin to nonexistent, this was not a tough call. The prosecutors agreed that the convictions, which resulted from a one-man sting operation that put one-tenth of Tulia's black population behind bars, should be vacated. "It is established by all parties and approved by the court that Tom Coleman is simply not a credible witness under oath," said Judge Ron Chapman.


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  1. Does the Texas Air Guard still let their pilots leave before their duty is up, or was that policy on a pilot-to-pilot basis? If France invades they may need to get them back.

  2. So they are overturning convictions, that is good. But they’re not building a perjury case and sending this asshole to jail? What’s the message here? “You stupid bastard, now look at the trouble you caused, we have to let all these niggers out of jail because you are such a lousy liar, and you call yourself a ‘white’ man!”

  3. bardp,

    “Mirage 2000c fighters on radar.”

    Perhaps the Charles de Gaulle and its task force will be patrolling the waters of Texas soon. 🙂

  4. Can we replace France on the Security Council
    with Texas?

  5. There should be a competition: how little evidence do you need to convict a black man of a drug offence?

  6. Why would we want a shithole like Texas on the UNSC?

  7. None.


    A Whiteman’s word is apparently all it takes.

    Yeah! Racism is dead.


  8. “I can convict that black man in five lies.”

    “I can convict him in three lies, Wink!”

  9. I wonder if France & Germany are going to invade the US to rescue innocent citizens who have been thrown in jail by criminals who have seized power through force & brutality?

  10. John,

    If they invade Texas only the Texans will mind. 🙂

  11. France wouldn’t stand a chance against Texas.

  12. The French would have the foreign legion to help them out. Anybody out there want to volunteer to defend Texas?

  13. Tom Coleman has been obvious villain in this whole sordid mess, and he deserved all the criticism he receives. But let’s not forget that he couldn’t do this by himself. The convictions required the complicity of other law enforcement agents and agencies, prosecutors, judges and juries. The fact that the testimony of such an obviously uncredible witness with no evidence was nonetheless enough to put so many people is outrageous and frightening; and anyone who tries to reassure themselves by passing it off as a backwater Texas aberration is probably mistaken. My guess is that it’s more common than we’d like to believe.

  14. Warren,

    While there are certainly many takes one could make on this pertaining to racism (like the targeting of minorities in general that resulted in such a high percentage of the population of blacks in the area being convicted), it’s probably more likely that the message sent here is the same one that was sent when no one at the FBI, CIA or NSA got fired over botching the warnings about 9/11: ‘If you as a civilian screw up, you can get fired from your job and/or prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If we, the just and noble lawgivers screw up, it was just a mistake and we’ll try better next time.’

    This is probably the most insidious double standard applied to society today.

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