Potheads No Longer Supporting Terrorism


The government says so. [Link courtesy Drudge]

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  1. Yep, those ads were a complete outrage, so I’m sorry to see them go. It’s not like they are apologizing for them or admitting how stupid they were to begin with. Now they’re evil hypocrisy is no longer so blatant.

  2. If drug users are just the scum of the earth as the ONDCP would have us believe, why did they spend so much money trying to reason with them? I’m surprized they didn’t try preemptive arrests instead. Much easier.

  3. Picky and irrelevant, I know, but…

    When did “creative” become a noun?

    Apart from that, well, there’s part of $8 million that won’t go toward exploring the depths of “duh”.

  4. When do they start the ads which show the link between file-sharing and terrorism?

    “You killed me.”

    “Er, what?”

    “You downloaded the file in violation of the copyright act.”

  5. This is good news, but the bad news is that it appears that they are pulling the ads because they are “polarizing” the message between themselves, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, and a Partnership for a Drug-Free America. At least according to the $8 million annual study that they funded to analyze the effecitveness of the ads.

    Your tax dollars at work.

  6. As loathesome as those ads are, and the waste of money stipulated…I kind of liked the fact that it made the government’s position look so absurd. I think they hurt the cause of prohibition a hell of a lot more than they helped it with those ads.

  7. It is sad that these pointless ads were killed only after the government burned millions in tax dollars producing and airing them. The war on drugs is a waste.

    Sandy: “creative” is commonly used as a noun by designers and advertising folks to designate the stuff they “create.” It grates on the ears of all outside the field (including me), but it’s common within.

    *DISCLAIMER* Frenk supports legalizing drugs but opposes using drugs.

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