MIA No More


Pfc. Jessica Lynch is reportedly the lucky rescuee mentioned by General Brooks. Everybody except Saddam is turning up today.

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  1. What man would send his wife or daughter downstairs to challenge a burglar?

  2. Its not about anyone sending them. Its about them volunteering to go. As a free and equal American citizen they have every right to put their life on the line to defend their nation and the freedoms they believe in. Its hypocrisy to deny them this right.

  3. The women of the 507th weren’t front line combat troops, but support personnel. You aren’t arguing against women in combat roles, Pig, you’re arguing against women in the military, period. I might not send my wife to fight off the burglar, but I’d have no problem with handing her the phone to call the police, picking out a new set of window locks, or paying the bill for the alarm company.

  4. The bio on this chick is that she’s a West Virginia hillbilly who graduated high school and was looking at a career working at Hardee’s. Like a bunch of other poor folks she chose the service for a job, some training and getting the hell out of podunk.

  5. Lefty,

    Pvt. Lynch’s father was on the news this morning saying that she has a lot of goals in life – to travel, to earn money for college, and to become a school teacher. She joined up to get the money for college, and was eager to deploy with her unit because she felt the U.S. could do something to help out the Iraqi people.

    I’d submit that if that is what the poor and “hillbillies” are about these days, that we could use a lot more of them. Color me sociologically challenged, but her values strike me more as middle class than low brow.

    It also strikes me as rude to be insulting someone who, by even the most cynical of theories, was risking her life in the desert to secure cheap gasoline for wankers like us. Any other insults you care to label her with while you are at it? Slack jawed yokel maybe?

  6. “What man would send his wife or daughter downstairs to challenge a burglar?”

    Answer: Canadian prime minister Jean Chretien…

  7. AP report: “An Iraqi pharmacist who works at Saddam Hospital told Britain’s Sky television that he treated Lynch for leg injuries but that she was otherwise healthy. But he added, “every day I saw her crying about wanting to go home.” The pharmacist, who gave his name only as Imad, said Lynch knew the U.S. troops were on the other side of the Euphrates River and “she kept wondering if the American Army were coming to save her.”

    Thank god she’s out of there.

  8. “The lack of career opportunities in Wirt County, where the largest employer is the school system and 15 percent of the population is unemployed, led Jessica into the Army, her father said. She signed up through the Army’s delayed-entry program before graduating from high school.”

    I don’t need you, Bill, to mind my manners. I spent years in the Ozarks working in the woods and the mines before escaping. “Hillbilly” is a badge of honor there and getting out is a major priority for every teen that graduates.

    Full story here:

  9. Tell me again why are we putting women in combat positions that exposes them to this risk? Is this equal opportunity?

    I have two pictures in my mind – the cheerful old men on the TV telling us how well the war is going, and this young woman – wounded and in captivity in Iraq. Does it make anyone else sick to their stomach?

    Would you send your daughter?

  10. Now THAT’S liberation!

  11. Yes, Pig, it would have been so much better if the soldier with a bullet in the stomach and three broken limbs had been male.

  12. It used to be the case that we valued our women and children so much that we would never expose them to war if possible. Now we send them to the front lines.

  13. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

    Equality means, equal chance of dying, being captured, etc., on-and-on…

  14. If a woman wants to die for her country, let her.

  15. Women weren’t kept from the front line because they were valued more, but because the experience of combat would cause them to put their hankies over their nose and faint. The site of a female POW makes you queasy, but all those guys with bullets in their skulls is a-ok?

  16. Per the AP: ?The U.S. forces engaged in a firefight on the way into and out of the building, but there were no coalition casualties, said Brig. Gen. Vincent Brooks, a U.S. Central Command spokesman.?

    Wasn?t there a previous attempt to rescue the members of the 507th Maintenance Company (Ft Bliss Texas) POWs in which 9 US marines died? Are these deaths are being covered up?

    The link


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