April Is the Foolish Month


April includes both my favorite holiday, on the first, and my least favorite, on the fifteenth. In honor of the former, the Museum of Hoaxes is giving Web-surfers a chance to calibrate their bullshit detectors, with a special April Fool's Day quiz.

[Via The Volokh Conspiracy.]

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  1. 7 out of 16 correct.

    It seems that at least one has come true since it was originally offered as a joke: forehead tattoo marketting (though apparently just a joke vis-a-vis Pepsi) has recently been tried. Saw it on Boing-Boing a couple months ago.

  2. 12 out of 16 correct! The biggest surprise was that carrot is a fruit one. And I can’t believe they don’t make vodka bars!

  3. Well, they should make vodka bars, dammit.

  4. No I know why I fall for exactly every 4th email about enlarging my penis

  5. Vodka bars!? You vodka snobs too good to drink with the rest of us?

  6. 10/16
    The ones that got me;

    Corporate tattoos – Can’t believe they are passing this up.

    Prehistoric penguins – Didn’t think they ever lived north of the equator.

    Vodka bars – Another untapped gold mine.

    Tooth telephone – Totally embarrassed, I knew it was coming, didn’t think we were there yet, still skeptical that this is a WORKING technology

    Operation fake tourist – Other side of Co. tats., can’t believe this pays off, how many phone/cameras would he have to sell to justify his paycheck, and is it more than the traditional forms of advertising?

    Carrots are fruits – When someone on this side of the Atlantic tries to tell you tomatoes or whatnot is a fruit it’s for some pseudo botanical reason (i.e. it’s a seed case therefore it’s a fruit) but “you can make jam from it”? Next thing you know they’ll be testing for witches by trying to build a bridge out of the accused.

  7. Vodka bars could be the next big thing, like those tobacco lollipops the FDA banned. Russia should get on this immediately, after whipping themselves for not making them sooner.

  8. I didn’t have trouble believing that they’d try the fake-tourist scam, Warren. What I couldn’t handle was the thought that they’d *announce* it.

  9. Jesse
    Ha! No kidding. I wonder how long it took for before every other “tourist” started running off with their new high tech gadget.

  10. I got 11 of 16, but it took a long time for the score box to appear. During that time I decided that I had been had by an April Fool’s joke. I was pleased that that had not happened.

  11. 9/16. Vodka bars got me, too.

    Spork…I would have been much more suprised if the EU _hadn’t_ reclassified the carrot as a fruit. I heard recently that they revised the definition of banana to include specifications for curvature. If it doesn’t curve right, it isn’t a banana.

    But then again, I only got 9/16 right, so maybe my BS detector wasn’t wroking that day…

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