Human Rights Redux


Chibli Mallat, a human rights lawyer interviewed by Reason a few weeks ago, offers a way out:

It is hard for anyone in the world, including the Arabs sceptical of American intentions, to resist a policy directed at ending a 34-year dictatorship and introducing protection of the basic rights of Iraqis toiling under it, as well as lifting sanctions from which they have been suffering.

These two correctives were put forward by a number of Arab (and Turkish) advocates in a "democratic Iraq initiative". These ideas were welcomed in places as diverse as Washington and the offices of Amnesty International, as well as gaining support in the Gulf states for the exile of Saddam Hussein to avoid war. But Europe has remained impervious to such ideas.

Is it too late? Calls for ending the hostilities will hardly be heeded now, but tabling a dual proposal in the shape of a ceasefire and the deployment of human rights monitors should surely be hard to oppose for anyone who cares for a better future for Iraq.


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  1. The only hope left is that when it gets time for the slaughter in Baghdad somebody blinks. I don’t see it happening, given the personalities involved.

    If we finish it, it WILL be ugly. “Remember the Alamo” will look like a grammar school cheer compared to “Remember Baghdad” in the Arab world.

  2. Well, we all know that the US knows best. 🙂

  3. Let’s see here: The Arabs like it….the US likes it, Amnesty International likes it.

    The euros don’t…..why?

  4. Steve,

    Hmm, does the US like it? I haven’t seen such a proposal come out of Bush’s mouth yet (or any of the other talking heads in his administration for that matter). And which Euros don’t like it? The article is pretty vague on these matters.

  5. Steve,

    And as a long time supporter and member of AI, who has witnessed innumerable incidents of hypocrisy by Western governments on human rights related issues, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  6. Wow, that’s the best idea for being an acomplice to thousands of Iraqi deaths. Super ideas as usual Tim.

  7. maybe try SI instead? cheers! 😀

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