Are the Anchors Holding?


The headline of this cheeky National Post piece says U.S. TV war coverage is a mix of "incoherence with triteness." I've been getting news on the Web more than on TV, but what I caught during the "shock and awe" phase was pretty gripping. Also confusing; so much live feed, so little comprehension, even on the part of the newscasters.

Anyway, the author gets in a few good Dan Rather swipes, like this one: "I highly recommend CBS to anyone who wants to watch both a war and a man going slowly insane on national television."

Link via Arts & Letters Daily.


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  1. I think there are Emmies in store for the CBS News CGI technicians who manage to cover up the puffy yellow stars, tweeting bluebirds, and pink elephants that whirl around Dan Rather’s head at all times.

  2. His haircut is way too short for the size his ears have grown to.They look friggin huge now. Someone needs to put together a photomontage, chart the progression.

  3. I was watching 60 minutes 2 last night (NOT a regular occurance) when my girlfriend, walking through the room, saw Rather for about 2 seconds and said “what’s wrong with him?” before she even heard a word he was saying. He just oozes an otherworldly creepiness. He really ought to be put out to pasture.

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