Wondrous Makeover


First the Rawhide Kid comes out of the closet, now everyone's favorite crypto-lesbian finally gets a butch hairdo.

After six decades, DC Comics queen and onetime member of the US military Wonder Woman has gotten a makeover that includes "scary short" hair and a camo bustier (hubba hubba). As one of the makeover artists put it:

"If you're going to shock people by cutting Wonder Woman's hair, you don't give her something sensible like a bob or make her look like a soccer mom. You go scary short," Hughes said. "It packs more of a punch."

More power to you but for Hera's sake, why did she have to give up the magic girdle and truth-telling lasso!

Wonder Woman is part of what might be called the "greatest generation" of superheroes, springing into existence during WW2 and sacrificing her love life for the good of the nation. The story of her creator, a bigamist feminist cum lie detector and safety razor pitchman (!) named William Moulton Marston, is even more fascinating than any adventure the misplaced Amazon princess had.