Sacre Bleu! Funny Anti-Frog Fervor Hits Kraut-a-Philic Midwest!


Cincinnati, one of the few big cities in America that still proudly celebrates its godawful German heritage, isn't known for its sense on intentional humor (after all, humorlessness is a key part–perhaps the key part–of having a "German soul").

Hence, on the urban comedy circuit, Zinzinnati, home of the world's second-largest Oktoberfest, is better known for producing unintentional laffs such as former Councilman Jerry Springer, Nazi-sympathizing former Reds owner Marge Schott, the Robert Mapplethorpe controversy, the Who concert trampling, etc., etc.

But as this story in The Cincinnati Enquirer documents, "Porkopolis" has managed to come up with some of the better bits of anti-French animus in these United States. To wit:

At the Maisonette, the most famous French restaurant in Cincinnati, managing partner Michael E. Comisar was baffled when he heard about the man who called to ask his receptionist what kind of food the restaurant served.

When she told him it was French, the man asked: How can you sleep at night?

(Italics in original.)