Things that are strangely reassuring to know:

1. Howard Stern's fans are still underfoot.

2. The paleocon mag Chronicles is now selling a Dixie Chicks album.

3. Those other planets? They're still out there.


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  1. I bought my first Dixie Chicks CD last week and rather enjoyed it. I may be missing a few good acts by avoiding country radio stations, but that’s the price I pay for staying far, far away from the pop-with-a-drawl that goes by the name “New Country.” (“New Country,” “New Democrats,” “New Labour,” “New Coke.” If this is the way everything “new” is going, I may become a paleocon, myself.)

  2. I’m likin’ the planet link, myself. Nice diversion from the war barrage.

  3. If you want Country that doesn’t suck, try Neko Case.
    She’s not a Nashvillain, she’s on the Chicago label

  4. I saw Neko Case play in Los Angeles a couple years ago. She’s very good.

  5. At least when we hear “babba-booey” we know our bullshit detectors are still working. How often are we fed pure crap, without that little disclaimer?

  6. Yeah, good country’s been around awhile in the form of Ryan Adams, Wilco, Old 97s, Uncle Tupelo, Neko Case and others…look under Americana or alt.country.

  7. Other planets:

    You mean the fuzzy little dots of light or slightly larger fuzzy little dots of light, please explain.

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