War's First Casualty Is Named…



Tim Cavanaugh notes below that British cabinet member Clare Short balked when given the opportunity to resign on principle. Faced with the choice, she's decided to work within the system, maximizing the contradictions by drawing a paycheck from a government she doesn't believe in (as opposed to drawing a dole check from same).

Now Reuters is reporting that the red-carpet entrance for the Academy Awards, slated for this Sunday, is being truncated "to spare celebrities who might feel uncomfortable discussing films and fashion while American soldiers were putting their lives on the line."

No sacrifice is too steep for the men and women of our entertainment industry, bravely giving up free camera time. The result may be the most self-abnegating spectacle since since fictional SCTV funnyman Bobby Bittman interrupted his own standup set to announce the outbreak of The Falklands War on The Sammy Maudlin Show.

Reports Reuters:

Daniel Day-Lewis—considered a front-runner for the best actor Oscar for his role in "Gangs of New York"—told reporters last week it would "seem obscene if we're seen bouncing up the red carpet grinning when people are dying. It's going to be very difficult to find a way to do this."

Nicole Kidman—a hot favorite for the best actress Oscar for her role in "The Hours"—said last week she was of two minds about attending in the event of war.

"There are two arguments … where they say you need to continue on with things and not be stopped; and then there's the other thing where you just say, of course, it would feel very strange to show up," Kidman told reporters.