The Farmer in the Pond


Jacob, let's hope that no one gives a copy of that New York Times piece to Dwight Watson. Watson is the North Carolina tobacco farmer who drove his tractor into a pond on the National Mall, thereby throwing Washington, DC into a gridlocked tizzy.

It is complicated, but as authorities have discerned he is a farmer (the big ass green tractor is a powerful clue), and farmers use fertilizer, and fertilizer can be made into a bomb, Watson just might have a bomb. Cue street closings.

Watson is evidently miffed that U.S. tobacco policy makes it almost impossible to sell the crop overseas. Wait til he sees that the Bush Justice Department wants to put the tobacco biz out of business for good.

I also note that The Washington Post headline is mighty confusing. It calls Watson a "truck driver" when he drove a jeep with a trailer carrying his tractor. Are all non-cars trucks to the Post?