Regime Change Begins In Vaduz


Liechtenstein's Prince Hans-Adam wins absolute power, foretelling a banner year for royal families everywhere. "We have made ourselves an international laughing stock," Prime Minister Rufus T. Firefly retorts.

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  1. I think it will be difficult for Liechtenstein to become an international laughing stock, considering most cannot put it on a map.

  2. Maybe France will follow their lead and crown a new King. I think most people would see that as improvement over their current leadership.

  3. Liechtenstein’s just following the US’s lead.

  4. George W’s 2004 campaign: Elect me or I’ll move to Mexico.

  5. Considering the dignity and its concern for the American public, and above all the integrity demonstrated by our elected leaders, why not try a different form of government. After all the Supreme Court believe they have devine right, so why attack another country if they do what the Supreme Court is all ready doing?

  6. Viva la Chirac!

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