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The alternate-reality Prime Minister's questions—in which liberals applaud Prime Minister Blair for his relationship with President Bush and conservatives condemn him for not spending enough on education—always make me thankful I don't live in the UK. Actually, many things make me thankful I don't live in the UK, but Blair and Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith always give a fairly enjoyable show. The BBC's assessment of the most recent session posits that Blair will not extend the United Nations road show despite cabinet minister Clare Short's threat to resign over his Iraq/US policy.

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  1. I always found the British game show (“Prime Minister’s Questions,” aka “You Bet Your Political Life”) more entertaining when John Major was host. My wife likes the new guy, but then, she prefers Pat Sajak over Chuck Woolery, and Alex Trebek over Art Fleming, too.

  2. Actually, it’s still the conservatives applauding Blair for his relationship to Bush and the liberals shutting up since they can’t be rude to their own man.

    And I still think the Prime minister’s hour is one of the best pieces of political theater.

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