West Memphis Moon Over Morocco


Memo to A. Crassicauda: You might not want to tour Morocco.


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  1. I visited Morocco summer of ’98. You would see women in swimsuits and even bikinis on the beaches of casablanca. Under King Hassan II the Islamic fundamentalist parties were basically banned or ineffective. He died in I believe ’01 and his son Mohammed might not have the popularity/legitimacy to thwart these groups now. I really hope Morocco can be spared Islamist violence like its neighbor Algeria. Man, sentenced to jail for rock ‘n’ roll. God Bless America. Now we need American and Canadien rock bands to stand up and go tour morocco. Get the kids over there into the rock, and they’ll definately turn their backs on the Islamist cretins.

  2. What surprises me the most is that there are actually people in Iraq and Morocco who listen to heavy metal to begin with. Religious and moral issues aside, the Arab world has its own entire set of musical idioms, and I was always under the impression that Western pop music didn’t translate well to Arab culture. Even the musical styles which are considered “immoral” — rai being the prime example — are very distinctly Arabic.

    So, it’s definitely not like North Africa doesn’t already have its own forms of musical rebellion. Unfortunately, all the rai artists in Algeria have either been murdered by Islamists or forced to flee to France.

    On the other hand, I already knew there was a metal scene in Malaysia. And yeah, I guess it was only a matter of time before the Islamists took notice. Let’s only hope the Islamists end up having about as much luck crusading against metal in Malaysia as the Christian fundamentalists have had in America.

  3. Say–

    This suggests a possible solution to the whole Iraq mess: send Great White to play a concert at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad.

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