Celeb Dissent


Funny girl Janeane Garofalo does not come across well in this Buzzmachine post about a panel discussion on media bias. It's as if "actors are not allowed First Amendment rights, not allowed to have opinions," Jeff Jarvis quotes her as saying. Cry me a river.

On the other hand, I do think celebrity bashing, while clearly fun for the kids, has gotten ridiculous. Yes, there's a lot of sanctimonious celebrity fools out there. (Richard Gere is my personal fave.) And yes, actors can be woefully uninformed yet oh-so-certain in their frothy opining. Much like most people.

But the fact is, any equally uninformed celebrity ignoramus taking a pro-war position wouldn't be lambasted and ridiculed for speaking out. No would would say, "It's not your place, you Latte-drinking nitwit!"; he'd or she'd be feted at White House dinners and performing for the troops; sipping coffee with Katie Couric and writing guest posts for Instapundit.