Laughing Matters


I didn't even know that "humor theorists" existed, but Kenneth Minogue seems to have done a good job of cutting them down to size.


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  1. Comedy theory is an emerging branch of cultural studies that is hopefully being taken un-seriously enough that it can escape the kind of stupidity that cultural studies is usually subject to. At any rate, it’s one of my primary interests and I have no idea who Minogue was adressing in this article. The ideas Davies so, er, brilliantly shoots down here have been down and twitching for a while now. (Since, say, Ralph Ellison.)

  2. Geez. Do we HAVE to analyze every-f****** thing? Kinda sucks the fun out of humor.

  3. If a sense of humor is so important to women, how do you explain the success of the comic strip “Cathy”?

  4. HA-HA-HA-HA! Steve! You had me bursting out laughing so loud, it woke up the family. (Phew! — Still have tears in my eyes.) Well put, guy! You hit the nail right on the head.

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