Cloners Against War


The French, the Germans, the Pope, Noam Chomsky and now the Raelians are against the Iraqi war. According to a press release, lithesome female followers of UFO prophet Rael plan "To Humbly Disrobe Publicly At US Peace Rallies in DC and LA On March 8th."

Why? According to the press release because "[h]undreds of years ago, The African Women of the Baoule Tribe danced nude in their villages to stop the war between local tribes?On March 8th, the Raelian women, inspired by their African Sisters, invite all Women around the world to join in disrobing ceremonies to stop the war between world tribes."

Where? At 1 pm in front the White House in DC and the Westwood Federal Building in LA.

That should get Bush's attention.


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  1. If going to war makes women get naked, well… how is this supposed to discourage war?

  2. Well, Hilary could take her clothes off!

  3. Let me go on record right now in support of this bold endevor. In the name of peace and justice, of course.

  4. I don’t suppose there are any plans to do this in Milwaukee? I’d even go to Chicago.

  5. hey steve,

    well, you’re welcome to come here to chicago, but you should be *relieved* that such an event wouldn’t be held up in milwaukee…

    (more cheese on that brat, there?)
    happy friday,

  6. In the list of Iraq war opponents don’t forget principaled libertarians. Anybody remember principal?


  7. As a principled libertarian who opposes the war but has avoided demonstrations because I just can’t stand the company of Chomksyites et al…I will definitely reconsider my stance on protest attendance if this phenomenon spreads. Especially to southern AZ. Ladies?

  8. Cheese on a brat is as heretical as…as….da Bears.

  9. yo, whatever, dude. I’ll take Chomsky, you can have Bill Kristol or Bill Bennett.

  10. Hillary naked!!? That would probably burn out your retinas like an arc welder. Or at least make you want to poke shards of glass in your eyes like Oedipus.

  11. Speaking of the Raelians, what better example could there be for “The Seven Rules For Spotting Bogus Science” (

  12. Hillary naked?


    Klatuu, take me…

  13. Who will threaten to strip down next? Helen Thomas?

    (God, I’m gonna be MONTHS getting that little image out of my head…)

  14. Hey, Joe! (eleven posts up) don’t you mean “In the name of a piece of Justyce”? (Whoever she is.)

  15. Hey steve!

    just responded to your thoughts on the “popular vs unpopular war” (i hope you enjoy/ find something to discuss, dissect, etc)… yours and Lefty’s comments were very interesting to me, thanks! (if you’re indeed the same steve)

    you’re right about cheese on brats. it’s like ketchup on a hotdog! but i don’t think even cheese on a brat could be as bad as our bears… hrumph. at least our record over the past two years is a huge improvement over recent-past performance…. hrumph.

    and sprecher is, sigh, better than goose island. summer fest is better than taste. yeah yeah yeah.

    have a great weekend. 🙂


  16. Having to choose between Noam Chomsky and Bill Kristol or Bill Bennett is like having to choose between Joseph Stalin and Jacques Chirac or Gerhard Shroeder. You hold your nose and pick the latter. Without hesitating.

  17. Then we could have the pro-war ladies get naked in a counter-demonstration, led my Condee Rice or Peggy Noonan, with a shouting match erupting in corresponding chants of “don’t bomb don’t shoot! wear yer birthday suit!” and “show yer skin, we’re going in!” Aaah, “undress for a redress of grievences”…these slogans write themselves.

  18. Saw some of the action on TV. Seemed to be a good number of beer-bellied guys sitting around in lawnchairs with cans of Bud. I guess they saved a few bucks not having to go to the strip clubs. Luckily it was mostly pleasant looking Raelian ladies who disrobed, rather than the CodePink women. I shudder to think of Alice Walker strolling the streets in the buff.

  19. This just shows how desparate the left is to have their views heard. They’ll prostitute themselves for their political agenda. At least Monica didn’t make any demands on Clinton.

  20. It seems that a good number of you sex-crazed males have forgot what the raelian ladies look like.
    a little reminder.

  21. Too right Heather. That snaggle-toothed spokeswoman takes her clothes off, I’m headed for the hills!

    To quote Marge Simpson parodying a famous rap song, “Get ’em off the glass… get ’em off the glass.”

  22. Why dont all anti war people take their clothes off?

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