Can't COPA—Again


The 1998 Child Online Protection Act has been ruled unconstitutional—once again. This time an appeals court in Pennsylvania notes that even though the Internet respects no geographical boundaries, by trying to apply "community standards" to the Net "the statute effectively limits the range of permissible material under the statute to that which is deemed acceptable only by the most puritanical communities."

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  1. CATO’s “Supreme Court Review” did a nice job of covering COPA from the last term. The internet is an interesting place to look for community standards. While some internet cafes exist, and the internet is accessable in libraries, most of us access the internet in our homes. Community standards stop at my doorstep. No? I can do behind closed doors what I can’t view from there?

  2. I don’t know about you but my standards are very low. I only draw the line at somebody singing “Feelings” over and over again.

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