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It's worth sitting through Salon's "day pass" ad to read Jake Tapper's article on the brouhaha over reports of U.S. spying at the United Nations. It's a great piece of media/political reporting, and an alarming demonstration of the distance between what's big news here and what gets attention overseas. (And this time "overseas" really does refer to a generous sampling of the rest of the world.)


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  1. This falls in the category of “So What”. Like we’re the only country in the world with spies at the UN. The place is freakin’ full of them. And at this point, who really gives a s*** what the rest of the world thinks. They hate us until we give them money or bail their ass out. BFD.

  2. Everyone knows that everyone else spies, but when actual evidence of spying arises, it’s a big story, that’s just the nature of the beast. And if it’s a big story around the world, the US press should at least mention it, even if it’s just the news that’s the news.

  3. The evidence for this “spying” is sketchy at best. The original “transcript” that was provided used British spelling, and was then changed to American spelling when this was pointed out. No corroborating evidence. Just the word of one newspaper that doesn’t appear to have the evidence to back up the story.

  4. Just another CIA/NSA/FBI (take your pick) fuck-up. What else is new?

  5. Lefty, I’m sure your comrades at KGB were MUCH better, huh?

    Bitch, bitch, bitch.

  6. Fyodor, just out of curiosity, what newspapers do you read that you missed this story? I can’t speak for all papers, but the two East Coast leaders, the Wash Post and the NY Times have both discussed this, twice each in the last couple days, in the A section. It’s not exactly being covered up.

    Or do you get all your news from the telly?

  7. omnibus bill,

    “Or do you get all your news from the telly?”

    Hey, watch it!! 🙂

    I read the Denver Post, though not always cover to cover, and I didn’t notice it. I also read a bunch of stuff online (like Reason) on weekdays, though not usually other newspapers, except a bit of the NYT (though I didn’t see the story there either, for one reason or another, probably either timing or I didn’t read enough of it).

    I’m glad to know it’s not being “covered up” as it renews my faith in the free market. I have a deep seated fear of my left wing friends being right about “the corporate press!”

    Still, Cavanaugh and Tapper evidently believe it hasn’t gotten nearly the press here as elsewhere, and they’re probably right. I checked the Observer, and it was story #1, though of course it was their “scoop.” I chanced upon some left-wing blog (maybe it was the skeptic’s, who contributed to Comments here on recycling) after my last post, and there it was stated with some relief that at least the Washington Post and (I think) L.A. Times had covered the story, the implication being that few if any others had. And those who did apparently didn’t give the story nearly as much play, either.
    Of course, since U.N. delegates were quoted as saying that they expect to be bugged, the question arises as to whether it’s the US press that’s biased or the rest of the world? But that’s why I bring up the idea of news being the news. I.e., even if the rest of the world is deluded into thinking this amount to US “dirty tricks,” I think it’s legitimate news that that’s what they’re all reading, though I suppose reporting on other news may not be considered correct journalism or something.

    Maybe this also indicates that my girlfriend and (NJ based) father are right and we should splurge for the boondocks edition of the NYT!!

  8. Kick ’em out completely and let ’em drive their tax-payer paid limos on Rue de la Madeleine or the streets of Brussels instead.

  9. Well, Steve, I guess they’re doing their best to approach the KGB’s oppressiveness. I see they’re doing credit checks now to see if we can have permission to travel.

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