Smearing the Church Ex Cathedra


Glenn Reynolds argues that the Catholic Church "has consistently taken the side of Palestinians, and Arab Muslims generally, against Israel and Jews, to the point where I can't really believe any excuses that it's not about antisemitism."

That's quite an accusation. I have three questions for the man who made it:

1. When, in the current pope's reign, has the Catholic Church taken a stand "against Jews"? Not against Israel—against Jews qua Jews.

2. Do you really believe that hatred of Jews is the only reason one might regularly criticize Israeli policy? Do you think it impossible for someone to argue against Israel's behavior in—forgive the phrase—good faith?

3. Elsewhere in the post, you say that your comments are "aimed at the Vatican, not at catholics [sic] in general." If it is possible to criticize the Vatican in harsh terms without engaging in anti-Catholic bigotry, shouldn't it be possible to criticize Israel in harsh terms without engaging in anti-Semitic bigotry? Especially since Catholic doctrine pretty much requires one to venerate the Vatican, while it's perfectly possible to be a Jew without feeling any loyalty to Israel?

I should add that Glenn has one other piece of evidence for his charge: A cardinal has been photographed with Yasser Arafat. Got that? A church leader posed with a political opponent of a state run by Jews, therefore his church is anti-Semitic. I'd insert a remark here about Roy Cohn, but someone might take it the wrong way.

Update: Glenn has replied to this in the comments section, which also contains my response. He's also posted a somewhat longer reply on his own site. I don't feel the need to respond to that one, but if you'd like to read it yourself, it's here.