Saddam's Next Gig


Where should we send an exiled Saddam? So asks this L.A. Times goof. What makes it funny is that the writer actually called relevent folks/destinations for comment: Would they be interested in taking in Saddam?

Most joked along. Not all:

"Penn's publicist, Mara Buxbaum, was not amused by the question. 'It seems highly inappropriate and offensive to include Sean in your article," she said. "If you're going to mention him, I will be contacting his lawyers.' Buxbaum noted that during Penn's trip to Iraq, the actor never said anything kind about Hussein. 'He called him a tyrant,' she said."

I'm for locking the dictator up with a season of Seventh Heaven episodes on permanent loop and a lifetime supply of sugar-free, low-carb meal bars for sustenance. In other words, he'd live in my own personal hell. Muhahahaha.

NEXT: Dan Rather's Saddam-like Frequency

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  1. how about:
    “I’ll take saddam to block”

    X gets the square!

    he could be the new charles nelson reilly!

    happy friday,

  2. Maybe he could anchor the CBS Evening News. Might get better ratin’s.

  3. I can see him hosting an all-new revamped version of the Gong Show called, oh maybe, the Mustard Gas Show. No panel, just Saddam as host and judge.

    Of course, the gas would just be a harmless (in the long run) CS-laced pepper spray.

    Hey, if Fear Factor can get on the air why not this?

  4. “But we wouldn’t want him on the operating end of a sprayer.”

    Sounds like a movie. “Saddam: Portrait Of A Serial Killer”

  5. Great column. Wish I’d thought of it.

    Wonder if we could send him to Hollywood…they think he’s a great guy.

  6. No. Saddam should have his own cable access show. The set would consist of one metal, folding chair and matching table. Once an hour a midget clown would come on and tell a joke in Arabic. Later, Saddam would give personal hygiene lessons. He would have guests, of course.

  7. Roy Rivenburg is a very funny man. I first read him in the 80’s when he wrote/published a paper at Cal State Fullerton “The Daily Titanic”, a name mocking the school’s “Daily Titan”. Considering that he was writing at the time that CSUF was declining the opportunity to house the Nixon library, there was plenty to mock at that place. Anyone at CSUF should go to the special collections section of the library, where they have a couple of issues (at least, they did in 1988, when I last checked).

  8. I notice that among the people asked to take in Saddam were the producers of MTV’s “The Real World.” Hey, I’d pay to see that. Far as I’m concerned, the kids in “The Real World” deserve to have Saddam join them.

    Besides, he’s already starred in a Hollywood feature film production. Didn’t any of you see the “South Park” movie?

  9. Berkeley.

    Chair of Arab Studies.

    He’d fit in great.

  10. If those “Real World” kids could handle Bob Dole (aka Norm MacDonald) as a houseguest, they could survive anything.

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