Human Nature?


Radley Balko at The Agitator has a link to this article about a GDR theme park being built to "capitalize on a wave of nostalgia" for Eastern Germany. (Sounds like a tourist magnet to me.)

A friend from the former East once told me that many of the people he knew that were most critical of the GDR before the Wall came down are now the ones extolling its virtues.

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  1. I wonder what kind of wall they’ll build around the theme park…

    Will you have to pay to get in, or to get out?

  2. I can see it now: CommieLand. Visit Marxville, Englesburg, and Stalingrad.

    The difference between CommieLand and DisneyLand, is that in CommieLand you stand in line for hours, but there is no ride at the end–just more lines.

    And I am sure that the food is terrific.

  3. don’t forget that most popular of all rides…”The Gulag”.

  4. The merchandise in the giftshop would be affordable for everyone – if there was any.

  5. I wanna ride the Pirates Of The Proletariat!! Maaaaa!!!!

  6. As a westerner who has spent some time in the old East Germany (only about a week in all, during two visits… but it was long enough) I for the life of me cannot imagine how any sane human being could possibly be nostalgic for the place. This was in 1985 and it was by far the dreariest, dullest place I have ever been. Dirty, full of shoddy merchandise that no one wanted to buy. Once-pretty towns ruined by fifties-era totalitarian architecture (rather like our “public housing” only uglier). All I can think is times must be REALLY bad there.

  7. “Excuse me, is this the right room for an argument?”…

    “Oh, I’m sorry. This is Abuse!!”

  8. I’m sure they will get tax breaks to build it.

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