The Surreal War


Remember those meetings administration officials had with Hollywood industry types many moons ago? I guess they're now bearing, uh, fruit.

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  1. I am glad that the Rosenberg’s of world are always there to warn us ignorant masses that life is complex, that we should never dare great things and that we will always lose every fight,

  2. …whereas the rest of us understand that life is actually simple, that murdering Iraqis is a “great thing,” and that losing is impossible.

  3. Remember those deals the DEA (or some other anti-drug
    agency) made with broadcasters to insert anti-drug
    messages and plotlines and such into their shows?

    IIRC, the deal was that the show would get money as if they were buying advertising time, but since there were no actual commercials being used to convey the message, the time would still be available to sell to advertisers.

    I wonder if the government has tried applying that to military affairs?

    Probably not. Considering how much time the networks are dedicating to the “pre-game show”, it must be profitable on its own merits.

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