Feminism Sans State


A good post from Julian Sanchez on libertarian feminism and personal, rather than political, advocacy.

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  1. Steve,
    I got to stick up for NLNR here. Your post stated “Liberals seem to be more interested…” as though Conservatives were any less guilty. NLNR response was a completely appropriate and directly relevant response to that.

  2. I think Julian’s post has little or nothing to do with the supposed snobbery of the left. It’s got much more to do with debunking the idea that if you don’t support government involvement with a problem, then you must not care about that problem. The notion that it’s easier to support government action than to directly do something yourself was included to partly explain the phenomenon and highlight its hypocrisy (IMO). I believe elsewhere on Julian’s site is evidence that he has no greater animus for liberals than for conservatives.

  3. Liberals seem to be more interested in “raising consciousness” or awareness or whatever to get others to do the dirty work for their pet cause rather than to get in and do the dirty work themselves. I don’t see Barbra Striesand particularly interested in having direct interaction with the homeless.

  4. Nor do I see Dick Cheney manning a tank. But I digress…

  5. If we’d been talking about the hypocricy of the right, that might have been a valid comment. But since the post was directed at how the elite of the left prefers not to get their hands dirty with those they consider as a lower class than themselves, I would consider your post to be bullshit at best and childish at worst.

  6. I remember a young actress a few years ago praising a national feed-the-people program, saying, “it’s not like we can all just take food to them.”

    Why not, sweetheart – afraid to break a nail?

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