The Czech Prisoner


A 419 scam has just ended with a man dead. No word yet on whether Cthulhu is involved.

[Via Nova Lounge.]

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  1. The whole Cthulhu thing is TOO funny. Scammin’ the scammer. I believe I’ll need to send ol’ Dave an email myself.

  2. I wonder if Dave could use some help from my exporter-importer friend, Art Vandelay?

    I once responded to a Nigerian scam email by identifying myself as the rightful ruler of England, whose ancestors were expelled in 1689, and asking for financial assistance to restore me to the throne. “Urgently awaiting your assistance, Charles Wallace Stuart (aka “Bonnie Prince Wally” aka “The King Across the Expressway from Jones Buick”)

  3. Nah… This is not the Big C’s bag. Madness, war, and confussion is Nyarlathotep’s department.

  4. Hmmm…now that’s what I call a *good* spammer.

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