Patriot Act Appeal


The ACLU has filed a U.S. Supreme Court appeal regarding the USA Patriot Act. As this AP account has it, the civil liberties group argues "that a review court misinterpreted the Patriot Act, making it too easy for the government to get permission to listen to telephone conversations, read e-mail or search private property, then use the information in criminal cases.

'The irony is no one can know for certain whether they are the subject of these secret surveillance orders because they're secret,' said Ann Beeson, ACLU's associate legal director."

More on that–and on the downside to the Patriot Act's sequel–here.

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  1. John Ashcroft gives patriotism a bad name. Bush oughta pull a Nixon and, upon re-election, ask for the resignations of every member of his staff and cabinet, and then leave Ashcroft as flumoxed as he was when he lost his Senate seat to Mel “aren’t I frikkin’ dead?” Carnahan.

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