Your Mother Wears Combat Boots


Interesting rundown on the jobs women now hold in the U.S. military. One big change since the Gulf War: Women Marines can now fly and serve on jets and helicopters.

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  1. I really, really hope that all women in the Gulf will get to receive the Iraquis when they surrender.

  2. “Serve” what on planes? Refreshments? DOH!

  3. If an individual with no penis can pass the fitness tests, et. al., they should go where they’re needed. I keep hearing that “most women” or “the average woman” can’t do this, can’t carry that. Well, we don’t assign averages to military units, we assign individuals. There probably aren’t very many female sailors who can meet all of the requirements for the SEALs, but if one of them can, I sure as hell don’t want her getting somebody coffee in Anapolis; I want her hunting down Osama!

    If the other SEALs don’t like it, too bad. Get a life. Join the 20th century. They probably don’t like waking up at 4 AM and crawling through icy mud, either.

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