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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's own St. Valentine's Day Massacre—of gun owner rights in Illinois:

"Eight mayoral proposals will be introduced in Springfield this year, ranging from one that would ban the sale of semi-automatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines to another that would require gun dealers and manufacturers to keep a record of shell-casing markings for each gun…

Other measures call for background checks of buyers at gun shows; state licensing of gun dealers; annual state police background checks of people who have Firearm Owners Identification Cards; increasing the waiting period for taking possession of a newly purchased weapon to 10 from three days; and increasing penalties for having secret compartments that can hold guns or drugs in vehicles."

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  1. “increasing penalties for having secret compartments that can hold guns or drugs in vehicles” concerns me almost as much as the obvious 2nd Amendment issues. Laws forbidding something that aren’t necessarily used for the stated purpose, but that could be, leave a sour taste in my mouth. If I wanted to keep some extra cash tucked away in a secret compartment in my vehicle, under this proposal I would be breaking the law (although I assume that “can hold guns or drugs” places some minimum size requirement.

  2. And to add this to Steve’s post, the FOID card is one of the best examples of criminals not obeying gun laws. Why should they? I know people, including myself and my father at one time, that have owned firearms in the state of IL without having a FOID card. If we never felt the need to obey that law, why would a criminal bother?

  3. MS – I’d be curious to hear your rationale as to how, exactly, any of Mayor Daley’s proposals will prevent guns from getting into the hands of criminals.

  4. what possible sporting use is a 50 calibur super hand gun? we go from muskets for the state national guard (which is protected) to militia-dittoheads with a supergun?

    what a mockery of the bill of rights. and just like the second ammendment was intended the victims will be african-americans (why do you think your slaveholding founders included a gun ammendment — to keep uppity slaves in place!)

    you wingnuts are so hell bent for war you want superguns that are only designed to kill people??? we need micheal moore to do another movie on this right away

  5. Hey commie: Tell me how you feel when you get mugged or your wife/mother/sister gets raped while you watch because the bad guy had a knife and you had…what?

    Oh, and read what the founding fathers said about guns. It had nothing to do with keeping the slaves in line. It had EVERYTHING to do with keeping the government in line.

  6. Oh, yeah. Michael Moore is an idiot.

  7. Um, “Commie”, no! no! not michael moore! anything but that! well, maybe not bono, either. (michael stipe can follow quickly behind them, too!).

    but where and why do you feel that the 2nd A. is for the slave reason/ racist in genesis? i’ve heard many “guns and [blank] in america”, especially in grad school in ultra left wing denmark, but never that. that’s a new one to me.

    i don’t think anybody who reads this magazine or this little forum approves of violence — anywhere, whether it occurs in Lake Forest or at Cabrini Green. Those who do own guns for whatever legal purpose (well, not in chicago, at any rate), don’t have a connection to slavery, and probably aren’t going around shooting people, so i don’t get your connection here.

    i can appreciate the fact that you obviously don’t like the number of handguns out there, but the connection with people who do happen to own a gun and a “militia dittohead {sic}” is a pretty broad blanket indictment…

    and if i may ask, where are you from, “Commie”?


  8. Why Commie, we need bigger guns for humanitarian reasons, and to enhance the efficiency of the justice system.

    You see, a .50 caliber pistol applies a greater hydrostatic shock than smaller caliber weapons. This in turn ventilates the recipient of these attentions much more effectively than punier rounds, such as the .22 caliber, or the 9mm round. Resultingly, the rogue housebreaker, liquor store holdup man or bank robber departs this mortal coil more efficiently and with much less suffering than would otherwise ensue from a lesser caliber weapon. Thus, it is the humane choice for home and personal defense, and perhaps for law enforcement too. (It also lessens the burden on our overtaxed health care system as well, but who’s counting?)

    It leads to a more efficient justice system because those apprehended following an altercation with said homeowner, or an exchange of shots with the cops, are in a state of rigor mortis, and not fit to be defendants in a criminal case, nor are they suitable to be plaintiffs in a civil case against the cops, the bank guards, or the homeowner. Thus the dockets of our busy courts are cleared up.

    Removing the tongue from my cheek, the size of the gun doesn’t matter; it’s how you use it. In the end, a car with a drunk driver behind the wheel is usually a lot more lethal, and a lot more lethal, than a permitted owner of a .50 caliber pistol. But I don’t hear anybody calling to ban cars.

    Well, except for the Earth Island Institute and the ELF.

  9. As far as I know, shotguns are legal within the city limits. You can go to for a listing of municipal ordinances in IL (although Cook county is mysteriously missing).

  10. Commie, you’re damn right I want a gun designed to kill people. That’s what owning guns for self-defense is all about.

  11. Once again, the politicians have failed to recognize that these laws only keep firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. The bad guys don’t follow the law. That would be why they’re BAD guys.

  12. Uh, Commie: If memory serves, the post-Civil War South passed many laws that forbade the recently freed slaves the right to own firearms (why do you think the former slaveholders banned blacks from owning a gun — to make it easier to lynch them). Ditto the Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

    If anything, it is gun control that is racist not gun ownership.

  13. I’ve always figured Commie’s posts to be the Devil’s Advocate POV and not to be taken seriously. It’s more satire than anything (I hope I’m getting my point across). Besides, who can take a post like that seriously, given the community that frequents here?

  14. BTW Commie: Ida B. Wells-Barnett, one of the leaders of the anti-lynching movement of the late 19th century and a co-founder of the NAACP, said that the most important thing a black family can have in their home “is a rifle over the mantle.” Also, after she lost a pair of friends to a lynching, Wells-Barnett started carrying a pistol (in defiance of laws forbidding blacks to own firearms) so if whites had ever attempted to lynch her she could “take a few of them with me.”

  15. Time for the BIG guns.

  16. Mayor Daley also wants to increase the fee for a FOID card from $5 for a five-year card to $25 each year.

    Good old Chicago.

  17. wonder if there is a way to get around these rules. do you they regulate black powder pistols? can and ball revolvers? they would work OK for defense and even the gun-grabbin totaltitarians claim the 2nd ammend at least applies to muskets. glad i don’t live there though!

  18. wonder if there is a way to get around these rules. do you they regulate black powder pistols? cap and ball revolvers? they would work OK for defense and even the gun-grabbin totaltitarians claim the 2nd ammend at least applies to muskets. glad i don’t live there though!

  19. All these measures expect banning gun mags sound reasonable to reduce gun violence. Law abiding gun owners should have nothing to fear from this and the “bad guys” will find it a little more difficult to lay their hands on firearms.

  20. last night on the news here (in chicago), there was a report about a S&W “50 caliber handgun” that apparently is pending launch, and lawmakers in springfield were quoted as trying to “find loopholes” to banish this gun from illinois. (wbbm news sometime around 10:15pm)

    and, i don’t think we’re allowed to have a gun within the city limits… but am not sure about that.

    that’s why i prefer strong letters and protest songs as a form of home defense…

    happy friday and happy VD, all!

  21. MS-

    An increased waiting period is also problematic. Take, for example, the case of a man/woman who suddenly is subject to increasing threats from a violent neighbor, violent ex, or stalker type. They may get the firearm just in time for their funeral. I know, the extra wait is designed to allow some hot-head time to cool down before they buy a gun and go shoot someone after an argument. It seem dubious that ten days is going to impart that needed bit of reason to a person irrational enough to shoot someone over an argument. Am I wrong?


  22. Protecting the ex-slave’s right of self-defense was part of the reason for the “privileges & immunities” clause of the Fourteenth Amendment – though it has tended not to work out that way.

    As for the new S&W .50 – this is NOT what you’d take to rob the Kwik-E-Mart; you’ll break your own wrist if you’re not careful. Its only likely market is for hunting. I wouldn’t buy one; but I don’t leap from there to the conclusion that nobody should buy one.

  23. Yeah, that Commie is not for real about the anti-gun comments. He’s probably a guy or girl that works for and is trying to keep the hits up on a slow St. Valentine’s Day. And plus, since he works for Reason magazine, he’s probably not even a Commie ;-} I think we are rid of them for a few hundred years, as soon as that old bastard dies off the Florida Keys and that Chinaman over in N. Korea gets his.

    Go to to see some serious gun discussions with a few serious anti-gun nuts and lots of regular people.

  24. Once again, we are treating customers like suspects. Did it ever occur to anyone that if music fans are treated like potential pirates they’ll stop buying and start stealing music? How about airlines and strip-searches? Treat me like a terrorist and maybe I’ll buy a cheap import and to Hell with registration.
    Enough of this, and the capitalist goose stops laying golden eggs.

  25. MS-Law abiding gun owners have everything to fear from this. Bad guys have nothing to fear from this. do you REALLY think a bad guy is going to go purchase a gun? Of course not. He’s going to STEAL it. This law does nothing but further erode our Constitutional Freedoms.

  26. Hi “blank” (8:52pm),
    1) if you were commie, you certainly got the discussion flowing on this one.
    2) and as for “taking a point seriously”, sure, how could we not :), but in such a forum, i should think that people who are uncomfortable with the second ammendment, etc., should ask questions, discuss, etc. so, even if the basic anti-gun idea wasn’t satirical or devil’s advocate, discuss away!
    3) if it is a reason person trying to get more hits, ptttfffffff 🙂
    4) Thank you to all who helped out with the 14th ammendment questions, slavery questions, the shotguns in chicago, and about what this “big fifty” would be used for.
    Finally, hi lefty, instead of having a commie type to clear the palate after this religious-right/conservative administration, how about a coupla libertarians with good personalities, instead?

    have a great weekend, everybody!

  27. Once you guys get a few more years of hard right religious crusader leadership, you’ll be beggin’ for a few Commies to balance things out.

  28. Howard Dean?

    Have a good weekend.

  29. Diana’s post seemed sarcastic to me.

  30. Why can’t these men with their big guns try another sport, maybe a spinning class or yoga. HELLO? Guns are like, bad.

  31. I DO spin. I don’t own a gun. I believe many fewer women would be assaulted and/or killed if they carried. Diana…nobody’s telling you you have to have a gun. But as long as the bad guys (and more importantly, the government) have guns…..

  32. Lefty!!!!

    hrumph. my brother in law is something like # three on the dean campaign, actually. and: i said, “libertarian” not “liberal” 🙂

    ‘later! enjoy the rest of the weekend. since the snow missed us here in chicago, no shoveling (snow at any rate) here!

  33. wud up yall?? ima gangsta and shoot hoes everyday. gins r tight as hell and wit out dem i woulda been killt long time ago. honkeys keep makin guns, nigga keep buyin dem. sounds good ta me… NWA fo eva.

  34. EMAIL:
    DATE: 01/25/2004 08:56:11
    Don’t matter if you care, if you don’t own what you care about.

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