Did the Deep-Black Air Force Lose One?


A U.S. government plane has gone down in Colombia. Leftist rebels may or may not have the crew.

Interestingly, the Cessna is ostensibly registered to One Leasing Inc. The company's planes also turn up around Area 51, according to aviation buffs who haunt the perimeter of the top secret base.

There may also be some link between One Leasing and the 427th Special Operations Squadron, an oufit that itself seems to exist but has no official listing under the Air Force Special Operations Command.

In other words, we might never know what that Cessna was doing.

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  1. Foreign aid may not be a force, but it’s a powerful persuader.

  2. so are bombs and bullets

  3. its just nice to know what one’s representative to the rest of the world (not to mention cheif spenders of taxdollars) is doing. But ignorance is bliss I suppose.

  4. Hey – ignorance isn’t always bliss — but I completely accept that our government sometimes engages in what are usually termed “covert” ops — for the primary purpose of keeping us safe. The term “need to know” exists for a reason.

  5. David,
    I will never understand how anyone can be so trusting of a government that consistently abuses its power. Whether this plane was part of ‘Plan Columbia’ or not, does not change the fact that the our government has a long standing practice of, foisting U.S. imperialism, inflicting poverty, and perpetuating war in and upon South American countries. These activities make everyone LESS SAFE.

  6. And I’ll never understand how someone can be so distrustful of the U.S. government, which rarely abuses its’ power.

    “…foisting U.S. imperialism, inflicting poverty, and perpetuating war in and upon South American countries…”

    I’m not buying it. Let’s just agree to disagree.

  7. And I’m OK with not knowing what that Cessna was doing. Do you think something “sinister” was going on…?

  8. Steve, you need some education.

    Read “1000 Years of Solitude”. You’ll get a better handle on life there. And everywhere.

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