Some AOL Synergy—Finally


AOL Time Warner has at last done the synergy thing with Time Warner's content and AOL's pipes. AOL Broadband customers will get free CNN video streams. As the pop-up might say, "That's a retail value of five bucks a month for free!"

Will that be enough to get folks to migrate from AOL dial-up to AOL big pipe? Probably not alone, but it is a start. Besides, it is the only play the company has. It is just a wonder it didn't happen, oh, a week after the merger.

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  1. As a Comcast customer I just do a little cable splice, hook one line up to my cable modem and the other to my $40 TV card and I get about 70 channels on my computer for “free” each month. And I can use my computer as a DVR on top of that.

    This looks like a case of too little too late.
    If AOL-TW wanted to be truly creative and provide a service I’d be interested in, they’d allow you to stream any show on any of their stations at anytime their customers want to watch it.

  2. Time Warner Cable sent me an e-mail the other day to let me know that I would now be getting access to CNN too. I think regular Road Runner is like $5/mo. cheaper than AOL Broadband.

    If Madog will tell what software he uses to capture video from his TV card, I’ll be eternally grateful.

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