Justice In Jerkwater


Yumpin' Yiminy! 26 years in the clink for selling $350 worth of pot. When the Drug War is over, can we hold war crimes tribunals in the Camellia State? Beato has a good survey of stories about 19-year-old Webster Alexander and his run-in with zero-tolerance high school principal Ricky Nichols (including a note about Nichols' war on the Stars and Bars).

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  1. The kid signed a plea deal for 26 years?!? Maybe the principal should be concerned with the quality of education his school is responsible for.

  2. Wow, how convenient to be reminded of why I don’t live in Alabama, or anywhere else in the south, if I may be allowed a sweeping generalization without infringing on anyone’s rights.

    Sounds like Mr. Nichols should be put in charge of a San Francisco high school for, oh, about four hours. He’ll be high from 2nd-hand weed smoke before he can dial 1-800-GET-THEM.

    Nichols can look back on his tenure at Whatever High and remember the day he appeared on a few websites because of his courage and fortitude. Nice legacy.

  3. Alabama is the Yellowhammer State, or as Dan Rather said on Election Night 2000, “the Jackhammer State.”

    I think a variety of marijuana should be developed and christened “Yellowhammer” in honor of this securitizing event. I sure feel safer.

  4. A sixth grader just got popped for a felony for messing with his grades on his teacher’s computer. What the hell are we doing?

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