American Idol Producers: No Sense of Decency


First they wouldn't let an over-the-hill professor compete (i.e., make a fool of himself; don't worry, he went and did it anyway). Now they won't let a gal compete because she posed for "Daddy's Little Girls," an Internet porn site. The Smoking Gun has the story.

Axed contestant Frenchelle "Frenchie" Davis was a popular favorite and, by all accounts, has more diva in her left boob than previous Idol winner Kelly has in her whole body. (Though in all fairness to Kell, that boob and her body are approximately comparable in size).

I hope Frenchie gets a record contract out of this.

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  1. hey sarah, are you single?

  2. I’ll admit, American Idol is a guilty pleasure. and I am disappointed to hear that Frenchie got disqualified. She was my favorite. What gets me is that last year, one of the finalists was a topless dancer, and yet she was allowed to compete. I say let Frenchie sing!!!

  3. thanks for all your funny comments. just to throw in some background, Simon actually created the show in Britain (can’t remember what they called it but it was a huge hit) then brought it to the States.

  4. it was called POP IDOL-and you didn’t answer my ?

  5. I believe Simon is a record producer. Also, no one should confuse “talent” with “popularity” — for example, Simon was on the Howard Stern show recently giving a terrible review to some guy singing. Guy turned out to be some current rock star, and got all in Simon’s face with arrogant smugness about how he sold 9 million records. But of course, Simon was right: the guy had no talent.

  6. Can someone please explain to me what American Idol is? And why people like it so much? I don’t own a TV. Yeah, I know, I suck. 🙂

  7. If Fox is letting bondage girl and underwear boy continue on their show, then I believe Frenchie will probably not only get a record contract, but probably a substantial settlement as well.
    I mean, for God’s sake, Christina Aguilera is prancing around half-naked on my TV twenty four hours a day.

  8. Gary – Don’t feel bad, I own a TV and have never watched American Idol. It seems to be a newer, more mean-spirited version of Star Search with a bit more talent.

  9. “more mean-spirited version of Star Search with a bit more talent.”

    Well, eventually they’re talented. The producers let lots of atrociously untalented people through so that they can make fools of themselves on national TV and then have a new one torn out by the judges.

  10. I’d like to see that Simon guy from American Idol and The Rock square off inside an 18-foot steel cage. Now THAT, boys and girls, would be some good television…

  11. Simon Cowell is the archetypical ‘guy you love to hate’ playing the role of the villian in this reality show soap opera. (Not sure if anyone has labelled this as a ‘Reality’ show but I think it fits the definition by putting ‘real’ people into incredibly unrealistic situations competing for a reward of dubious value). It wouldn’t be half as entertaining without him.

    Funny thing is, I don’t think it necessarily means anything whether you win or not. Most people who succeed in the music business have had to develop a lot of business savy in addition to a modicum of talent. By taking ‘nobodies’ and puting them through a televised elimination round as a short cut to a record deal, they’re circumventing the normal process by which most people would develop the skills needed to stick it out for the long run. I doubt any of the winners will be more than ‘one hit wonders’.

    I also find it interesting to speculate how many of the big rock stars of the last 30 years would have been told by Simon Cowell that they ‘have no talent and should find something else to do with their lives’. I suspect it would be upwards of 50%.

  12. The problems I see with Simon, aside from the fact that he is an arrogant prick, are the following:

    1. He is British. Nothing against British people, but I just find it ironic that a BRITISH guy is a judge of a show called AMERICAN Idol. That would be sort of like BBC televising a show called British idol and having an American be a judge.

    2. Who the hell is he? I had never heard of him prior to American Idol. I give Paula Abdul and Jermaine Jackson some credence only because they have been there themselves. They were both stars at one time in their respective careers, so they know firsthand what it takes to get there. Simon, on the other hand, is no more of a “rock star” or “pop music icon” than I am – or at least, he wasn’t until American Idol.


  14. EMAIL:
    DATE: 02/28/2004 07:16:24
    Seekers of truth invariably turn to lies.

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