Least Favored Nations


What do Americans think of other countries? Here's a Gallup poll.
The numbers for Germany, France, and North Korea are falling hard.
(Via Instapundit.com.)

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  1. When Colin Powell finally quits or is forced out by the Bush crusaders, I nominate Jessica as our next Secretary of State.

  2. I don’t normally agre with Lefty, but I guess there’s always exceptions.

    And better Jessica (or Powell for that matter) than Madeline Albright.

  3. Well Lefty, it may be true that most Americans can’t find France on the map, or for that matter, Iraq and North Korea.

    Fortunately for us, most of the folks in the armed forces, especially the bomber pilots, seem to be able to find these places just fine.

  4. Why the hell is Canada so high in the popularity poll? Am I the only one that see’s that Canada is nothing but a money sucking fiend? Thanks to Canada, NAFTA has become a total disaster. And don’t give me that it’s Mexico’s fault because they make more money for us then almost any other country in any other treaty. All Canada is good for is… I’m still working on that one, but I’m sure they have something good.

  5. Vince,
    Are you kidding? Canadians are making world class contributions to the human race and the benefit all of mankind. Everything from great web sites:
    To progressive, liberty and free-trade, politics:
    Not that I’d want my daughter to marry one you understand.

  6. Vince – what’s wrong with Canada? Sure, they say words like “out” and “about” kind of funny, but aside from that, they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Besides, any nation that loves beer as much as they do can’t be all bad.

  7. I just wish they’d take back Peter Jennings.

  8. Steve – true, Peter Jennings is a Liberal panty-waste, and certainly one of Canada’s great transgressions was bestowing him upon the U.S., but given the transgressions of France, North Korea, Iraq, Germany, Libya, etc etc etc, I’m willing to forgive our Canuck friends for Jennings.

  9. It’s nice to see that Japan’s numbers have been rehabilitated since the 80’s. I hope this means there’s no more scare-drama “Gung Ho”/”Rising Sun” crud in the pop culture pipeline. (Tho if hubris followed by asset bubble downfall makes you popular once again, who knows, in 15 years the French may like the USA)

  10. Vince,
    It’s all about the oil, duh! Canada sells us lots of oil, but their nationals don’t blow up our buildings. Plus, any nation that produces Shania (that outfit from the Super Bowl still gives me shivers), is ok in my book. They can have Celine back though.

  11. I’m really let down by these comments. I was all ready to sink my teeth in to heapin’ helpin’ of Frog-bashing, and instead all I see is talk about Canada!?. I expectd more from Hit & Run readers.

  12. Most Americans can’t even find France on a map. These type of polls just mirror the administration’s opinions of the rest of the world and duly reported by our head-bobbing, children of the corn “news reporters”.

  13. Todd…there’s no reason (no pun intended) to bash the Frogs here. They’re perfectly capable of looking foolish without our help.

  14. Well, the French can’t find Montana on the US map, so I guess we’re even. As Americans become more “travelled”, even if only via the Travel Channel and CNN, they can figure out for themselves how stupid so many Europeans are. They hate us? Who gives a fuck–Muffy who won’t have fun on her Junior Year Abroad? Jasper who can’t get raw milk cheese or imported wine?

  15. Well said, Jessica. But it’s awfully sugar coated. what do you REALLY think.




  16. I hate to change the subject, but I assume I’m the only native Kentuckian (southern Californian now) who would stick up for Colombia…this survey may be “real” but the conclusions are bogus..I’ve met some wacked out left wing Colombians in my time (students here, I’ve never been there) but I’ve met few nationalities who are more fair as far as their views of the US go. I didn’t say pro-American, by the way, I meant fair, not some psuedo-intellectual European bullshit.
    Oh well.

  17. what the rest of the world thinks is very important- especially of america. the opportunity here the US for innovation and
    money making is still pretty good, but the support of the state, and the support you can find from your average citizen is sometimes
    discouraging. In other words, it’s every man for himself..and this sort of selfishness is destructive spiritually, and psychologically. We assume we have conclusions, but we’ve really asked no questions. I think a lot of foreigners realise this poverty of inquisitiveness here. Yet they come to make the cash.. it’s a rip-off on some level for us, and certainly for the environment which we are annihilating.

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