7-11 of Death


North Carolina got a double dose of foot-in-mouth disease from two of its Republican members of Congress. Rep. Sue Myrick of Charlotte said the nation faces a widespread 7-11-based security threat. "Look at who runs all the convenience stores across the country," she explained.

Here's guessing Myrick does not spend much time in cabs or she'd be in a bunker with a gasmask on.

Meanwhile, Rep. Howard Coble of Greensboro said the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII had to be viewed in light of the threat they posed. Japanese Americans "probably were intent on doing harm to us, just as some of these Arab Americans are probably intent on doing harm to us," Coble said during a radio show.

Coble later repeated his claim that internment kept Japanese Americans safe during a "less tolerant" time. For proof Coble said he couldn't think of a good reason to lock up Arab Americans or other foreign born residents right now.

Lucky us.

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  1. Well we certainly know that July 11th is a safe day for the future (unless someone wants to put them out of business, like Ayds candy).

  2. The reason why Asians run convenience stores is because they come to America with ambition and a spirit of entrepreneurship. Most other immigrants and a lot of white Americans are simply lazy and/or stupid and/or they would rather live off the government dole.

  3. Come on Brad…that’s uncalled for.

    Besides which, Asian and Indian store owners have extensive family support structures that provide them with the starting capital needed for a small entreprenuership. The families think of it as an investment because they know they are going to get their money back and they now have a successful family member in the US to sponsor them for a green card.

  4. All I’m saying is that an Asian who comes here legally, runs a convenience store franchise, pays his taxes, learns English, and makes his own way is my preferred model of an immigrant, as opposed to the immigrant who comes here illegally, demands special treatment, pays no taxes, and refuses to learn English yet has the gall to be upset when the balance of American society refuses to learn his native language to accomodate him.

  5. Brad, I would only take issue with one thing in your posts. Most Mexican immigrants (I assume that’s who you are referring to), legal and not, wish to learn English and their children to do so because they know it is the language of success in this country. The problem is the so-called “leaders” in those communities. their power is derived from keeping their “constituencies” ignorant. The same applies in the Black community. Keep making excuses, keep making it the racist white guys fault, keep ’em ignorant and they’ll keep voting for ya. The liberals do a better job of keeping Black and Hispanic minorities “in their place” than the Klan could ever do.

    It thoroughly disgusts me.

  6. Steve – I concur with what you said, but I still can’t bring myself to give illegal immigrants a free pass, even the ones that do want to learn English. If someone wants to immigrate to our country, great, but they should do it legally.

  7. Steve, as far as the Democrat Party keeping blacks and minorities “in place” better than the Klan could dream of, Al Sharpton agrees with you. He may be a whack-job, but he’s isolated enough to see the Dems for what they are.

  8. Does North Carolina have an offical Racist Party or am I missing something?

  9. i guess apu of the simpsons is in trouble…

    will they lock up lefties, too, because surely a terrorist has been left-handed (= sinister)

    happy onion day, everyone!

  10. Our country was built on immigation, and it is still very much dependent on it, legal or not. We are in the very awkward position of having a high rate of unemployment, while at the same time having a large labor shortage. A good potion of native born Americans are displaying with thier actions that they would rather not work at all, than work at somthing they consider “unpleasent.” This is truely phenomenal.

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