"You don't know what a killer I am!"


I hate to put up two San Francisco-related posts in a row, but people frequently ask why anybody would live in a city with a mostly Maoist Board of Supervisors. It's a good question, but as the great Matier and Ross demostrate here, San Fran is one of the last places in America where they still know how to do politics.

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  1. That story’s pretty hilarious.

    The story beneath it, with the poll of 400 California likely voters showing Bush closely beating Lieberman and Hillary! in 2004 is really interesting. Plus, the poll also shows Bush beating Grey Davis 57%(!!) to 25%. I guess I had no idea how widespread disgust with Davis was out there.

    Just saying, that’s pretty surprising. Now, let the explanations involving the “drums of war” begin.

  2. “Maoist”? Come on…. They may be lefties, but AFAIK there are no massive waves of famine nor political prisoners languishing in hard labor camps.

  3. San Fran elected Willie Brown in the first place…what Marion Barry wasn’t available?!?

  4. That was great. I’m originally from a small town in Kentucky and I never had the pleasure of seeing our elected officials act like such rednecks.

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