ATF Junior


Hey, kids! Been wondering if your science project violates any federal regulations? Just ask the ATF.

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  1. This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

  2. Whoa! I am stunned. However, in times when ‘enemy combatants’ are held indefinitely without charge, and federal agents arrest state sanctioned medical marijuana users, I can’t say I don’t believe it. Still, (npi) true or not, this is yet another (in the ever expanding list of) government abuse of authority. Is there no accountability here at all? Is it a crime for the government to perpetuate a fraud on the American people? Oh wait – I forgot about the War On Drugs. I guess lying to our children is SOP for the JBTs.

  3. I laughed, I cried, no it was not the latest Hollywood blockbuster, it was the ATF FAQ for kids!

    Does this mean that a potato gun science project is illegal in DC?

  4. It’s ok. the kids can’t read anyway. How are they going to build the still?

  5. The NSA actually has a pretty cool kids page, believe it or not.

  6. Kids can’t read, but they WILL figure out a way to get booze.

    I seem to remember the initial handout from my science teacher in high school stating that no alcohol distillation could be done. We assumed that this was because we went to a Christian School for wayward youth.

  7. When I took pottery in High School about 15 years ago, the first thing the teacher said was “Don’t try to make any pipes or bongs in my class dammit!” Clearly this too should be on the FAQ.

  8. In ’72, I made a cloud chamber for the science fair. Among my samples were a spent fuel pellet and a little chunk of radium.

    I have to wonder how many felony counts that project would earn a kid these days.

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