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Frequent Reason contributor Michael Young guest hosts "International Papers" at Slate, and shares an interesting slice of Israeli and Arab media. Samples of these range from offensive and douchebaggy capitalizing on the space shuttle disaster ("Lebanon's Al-Mustaqbal, which is owned by Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, declared: 'Anxiety from space surprises America.' The piece appeared over a cartoon that unintentionally pandered to anti-Arab stereotypes, showing a fierce-looking Arab on a flying carpet aiming his slingshot at Uncle Sam who was fleeing in a space ship.") to signs that some attitudes might be evolving in the Near East (the Beirut Daily Star calls on Arab foreign ministers to urge Saddam Hussein to step down and address "the international community in general—and the United States in particular—in a language other than that of desiccated dogma.").

Elsewhere at Slate, Tim "Chatterbox" Noah recaps the John Lott/Mary Rosh circus. He doesn't render an opinion, but various Fray contributors do.