Dance Party Moves to Baghdad


No reports of Palestinians dancing in the streets over the fiery end of Space Shuttle Columbia—Yasser Arafat has joined in global expressions of condolences. But Iraqis are greeting our misfortune with the sort of rejoicing we've been told they will show when the Marines arrive to liberate them. Saudi Arab News runs a respectful condolence that mentions Israel in passing.

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  1. This article quotes a “government employee” and a car mechanic.

    This is supposed to show what, again?

  2. I consider myself a tolerent left-libertarian, a person who has been critial of the Bush Administration. But reading about these Iraqis and some of the commie idiotarians mentioned on ( makes me almost 90-percent neocon hawk today. Fuck those people and anyone else who uses the death of these HEROES for their bullshit political agenda.

    You anti-war communists almost had me coverted. I thought you were shitheads for your reation to 9-11. I thought you were shitheads for your stupid slogans at the protests. But deep in my heart I thought you were decent people who had a noble goal of peace.

    You anti-American, anti-everyting FUCKS have proven yourselves to be beyond redemption today. You have chosen today to piss on Human beings who only wanted to move us closer to our destiny in the Stars. I hope that I never encounter you in the real world. I would kick in your teeth for some of the commments you made today.

    May god bless the brave men and women of Columbia and their familers. You HEROES died for humanity and your memories will never be forgotten.

  3. I checked out the Democratic Underground site this morning before work.

    It is every bit as bad as Joe has said. Those creatures are beneath contempt. They actually seemed happy that seven brave people died, and one of the more popular theories was that “Bush did it to distract voters about Iraq.”

    As I said: beneath contempt.

    I won’t claim this characterizes the entire anti-war movement, but it does seem to represent a healthy minority. I am sure there are great numbers of Americans who are devoutly against war but grieve over the seven of Columbia.

  4. That said, I think that Brian Trosko has a point, within the context of Iraq. Considering the nature of the Stalinist regime they have to endure, one has to take any “man in the street” interviews with more than a grain of salt.

    This won’t stop Mr. Cavanaugh from engaging in his (typically) cheap shots at the Bush administration. At least Reason pulled his rather crass and superficial article about the Challenger anniversary…

  5. Democratic Underground is a haven of fluorescent lunacy. I don’t know that I’d take a dozen or so nuts posting there too seriously.

    It’s no fun to troll their either because the mods delete *anything* which veers from the party line in minutes. That’s their right to do so Stalinists but it makes it quite the echochamber and not worth visiting except for some occasional sick, sad yucks.

  6. Let’s invade Iraq because the poor Iraqi people are being victimized by a terrible tyrant and they want us to do whatever it takes to liberate them, and that’s just what we should do for their own hapless sake.

    No, let’s invade Iraq because they’re a bunch of anti-American scumbags who take glee in our tragedy and death is too good for them.

  7. Only a person of extremely bad faith could think that’s enough to hang an entire antiwar movement.

    There are undoubtedly good people in the antiwar movement. It’s just that none of them were visibly present at ANSWER’s rally. 🙂

  8. No reports of Palestinians dancing in the streets
    There are. On the Israeli TV, I’m told.

  9. I’d compare this to the man-on-the-street interviews done to gauge American reaction to mistargeted bombings in Afghanistan, if only those bombings had ever been mentioned to the man-on-the-street in America.

    Of course, if they had been, I’m sure that not one American would say “ragheads got what they deserved”.

    Not one.

  10. It seems really tacky to me that reuters would run this story. Anytime a tragedy happens in one country, I’m sure you could go to an enemy country and find people in the street with an uncharitable attitude, and solicit a few quotes, and thereby manufacture a slap in the face like this.

  11. “Excuse me sir, I represent a news service that is only allowed to operate in Baghdad at all because we don’t offend your government. I’d like to find out your opinions about America and Saddam Hussein and report them, along with your name, to the international press.”

    The answers practically write themselves, don’t they? I thought Mr Cavanaugh smart enough to realize that; but while he is so cynical about his own government he seems a little too trusting of Saddam’s.

  12. By my side I am a Brazilian free-market libertarian and I am very sad not only about the astronauts, but also for the lack of good faith by many iraqis and others “anti-USA-because-we-don’t-like-them” that, as we know, are spreaded through the world.

    Best Wishes

    Claudio Shikida

  13. This is all so much non-sense. Why even ask the question of the Iraqi “man on the street?” I think to ask the question is distasteful in the first place.

  14. Tacitus quoted one lunatic anti-Bush weblog and one random commenter on a discussion board. Only a person of extremely bad faith could think that’s enough to hang an entire antiwar movement.

  15. Read the thread on DU. Unless it is one poster using many aliases, I would count at least 20 posters that have used this tragedy to push their anti-Bush, anti-whatever agenda. Also read the post at Indymedia bashing the brave Isreali who perished today. Disgusting.

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