I See Your Sex Shop, and Raise You One


Unlike Nick's smut, this isn't just a Web site, but the tale of a Cleveland woman trying to bring sex toys to the suburbs.

Jennifer Downey wants to turn her small Ambiance chain into national brand, like Blockbuster but with butt plugs. Her marketing plan calls for colonizing retail spots near shopping malls, the better to serve the errand-running moms she targets.

In doing so Downey has run up against local laws which seek to stuff adult fare into red light districts, where minivans fear to tread. A Pittsburgh suburb stopped a her bid to open her first Ambiance outside Ohio. Downey is suing in federal court on First Amendment grounds to get the ruling overturned.

(via ObscureStore.)

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  1. I suggest that Monroeville look down the street from their city hall, where, between the Monroeville Mall and the Miracle Mile Shopping Center, the Monroeville News store sells adult videos and most of the gadgets that they would find in an Ambience store.

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