Jesus: Son of Man With a Can of Whoop-Ass


Was Jesus a pacifist? (Hint: Answer contains the unpteenth citation of Matthew 10:34.)


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  1. Tim,
    Your Bud Dwyer reference in the Challenger story has ruined my day. I remembered when I first saw Mr. Dwyer blow his brains out with a .375 magnum — I saw it on a VHS “Faces of Death” not live on TV.

    I puked. Then I cried myself to sleep. I happend to be very depressed at the time and had even considered suicide. When I saw that video I was literly jolted back to reality.

    Anyway, anyone who owns a gun should see this clip at least once. It will make you very very safe around firearms. But fuck you Tim for ruining a perfectly good day with your reference!

  2. Didn’t Jesus beat up Santa Claus?

  3. Yes, that was disturbing. It shook me too when I saw the Bud Dwyer clip for the first time.

  4. Yes it is pretty graphic, but you can choose to view it or not. It does give a chance to kick yourself in gear and realise what a gun can really do when turned on yourself. If you are confused about suicide I recomend you take a look and see what it looks like.

  5. The video was very disturbing a quick check back into the life of grime and the wortless shit it is on living. Anyone who views this tape please do not turn to suicide like i HAVE VERY MUCH THOUGHT about but the reason why he did this and his beliefs as a politician and as a human being.

  6. well I saw the video, and I didn’t see much.Meaning the video didn’t show the whole thing, so I sent a email to your website,but I’m quite sure it could be very disturbing to others.

  7. yeah the first time i saw the video it shook me a little too, but then i saw it a second time and it had no effect on me. huh. i think that if i had i gun i would definately pull the trigger, i mean why live in this fucked up world anyway? just rest in peace!!!

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