Or That Guy's Boss's Boss


While the Office of National Drug Control Policy's new TV spots warn that smoking pot is riskier than it seems, its latest print ad warns that you shouldn't judge the drug trade from your friendly neigborhood pot dealer. "What exactly separates the murderous drug dealers from the ones you buy from?" the headline asks. The ad, which appears in today's newspapers, goes on to suggest that, even if the guy you get your drugs from is "nice," "harmless," and "normal," the same may not be true of "his boss," "his boss's boss," or "that guy's boss."

Leaving aside the fact that the drug trade is violent precisely because it's illegal, the government's argument suggests that it's OK to use drugs supplied by pacifists. As Cathy Young noted in a recent column, the ONDCP's ads could be interpreted as an invitation to grow your own–or, at least, to buy from sources you know to be untainted by violence. Your friend Bob, for instance, who grows pot in his closet and wouldn't hurt a fly. Perhaps a "Produced by Pacifists" label could become a selling point for drugs, just like "Dolphin Safe" for tuna and "Cruelty Free" for cosmetics. I wonder if the ONDCP would be willing to certify qualified dealers.

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  1. Thanks Mr. Sullum! As Americans become more tolerant of drug use, and more rational in their evaluations of the dangers of drug use vs. prohibition of drug use, the government is forced to step up their anti-drug rhetoric. Of course, the more inflammatory the rhetoric, the less people can take seriously what the government says. Sometimes I wonder if NORML shouldn’t place the ONDCP marketing department on their payroll.

  2. What exactly separates the corrupt, self seving, power abusing politicians from the ones you vote for?

  3. Warren: Office.

  4. Let’s get the “Fair Trade” crowd involved in this…..

    US-based Ganja farmers could get together & certify that their Wacky Tabacky is Terrorism-free and not grown in Sweatshops.

    I bet that growers in Michoacan, Jamaica & Cololmbia do not pay a living wage, do not allow unions and discriminate based on gender & national origin.

    There was once a funny Saturday Night Live routine about this.

    “Look for the Union Label when you light up your bong.”

  5. How about “No animals were harmed during the making of this pot.”

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