Salon's Sort-of-New Model


Here are the details, straight from David Talbot, on Salon's revamped pay-or-click through model.

And though Jesse posted it earlier this week, I think Ken Layne's advice for a far more comprehensive Salon retooling deserves a second linking.

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  1. But according to this:

    the options are either pay $30 and get no ads or pay $18.50 and suffer through their ads. (There’s also the option of paying $6/mo with no ads.) Does their day pass really offer full, free access? If so, why would any one pay $18.50 and still get the ads?
    Incidentally, I can still get most of their articles without paying or seeing pop-ups. Only their “premium” content is blocked, just as it was previous to this most recent revamping.

  2. Re: Ken Layne’s advice:

    “Cancel … the lousy replacement for Mr. Blue”?? Is he kidding? Cary Tennis is worth the money all by himself.

    Geez. If they do take Mr. Layne’s advice, you think they’ll refund my remaining subscription?

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