Let Them Eat Pork


Last night the Senate passed a 1,000+ page spending package that lays to rest any worries that Washington will stop meeting the people's most important needs in these tough fiscal times.

USA Today gives some examples.

Among the items in the Senate's measure is the grant to North Dakota State University's Advanced Traffic Analysis Center. It was added by Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D. Despite what some might think, Dorgan spokesman Barry Piatt says, Fargo (pop. 90,600) has "horrendous traffic problems." Bismarck (pop. 55,500) and Grand Forks (pop. 49,300) have "significant" traffic jams, too, Piatt says. [Price tag: $1 million]…

Among the most expensive local projects in the bill is $15 million for a pumping system to drain water from cotton cropland in the Mississippi Delta. The money is a down payment on the Yazoo Pumps Project, which eventually will cost $181 million. Environmentalists say the Army Corps of Engineers project will destroy 200,000 acres of valuable wetlands in order to grow more cotton, a federally subsidized crop whose prices already are falling because of overproduction.

Backers of the project, including Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss., say it is needed to alleviate flooding in a large area where water accumulates when a levee system is sealed off during times of high water on the Mississippi River.

And 2002's Porker of the Year hasn't lost his touch. Today's New York Times reports:

Senator Robert C. Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia, successfully inserted a measure providing more than $150,000 for the office of Senate president pro tem emeritus, a ceremonial job he now holds. Senate Republicans pushed Mr. Byrd, an elder statesman of the Senate, out of his elegant suite on the first floor of the Capitol, but have agreed to build him a new office.

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  1. It YOUR congressmen who do all this pork stuff. MINE brings jobs to my community.

  2. Is it too much to ask that the new office for the Robert C. Byrd Senior Senator from the Robert C. Byrd State of West Virginia be located somewhere in North Dakota? Or better yet, Saskatchewan?

  3. MWB – Robert Byrd’s office? How about the ninth circle of Hell?

  4. Ah..the more things change…..

  5. In all fairness, with all the federally funded road construction in Fargo things have gotten a lot better. I can now get here early enough to read Reason.

  6. Could we get them to pay for my Reason subscription? In all fairness, I would have a much easier time affording it, if they did.

  7. blah blah blah is that all you wingnuts talk about…money?

    funny how no right-wingers ever want to talk about the inherent fascism of fast food!


  8. Of course all we talk about is money. And in our free time all we do is clean our guns with rags made from T-shirts stitched together by 2-year-olds in the People’s Compassionate Reeducation Facility And Textile Mill while watching Fox News for word on how gas prices will drop so we can fuel our Hummers with whale-blubber alternatives.

    We are, in short, the violence inherent in the system. Sheesh.

  9. Ha, ha!

    You suckers built me some freeways & light rail so I can get to my favorite ski areas faster.

    Ha, ha! I’ve got your money, suckers.

  10. Inherent facism of fast food? Someone want to clue me in on that one?

  11. “…the inherent fascism of fast food.” Jesus, dude, put down the bong for long enough to string a coherent sentence together.

    Also, I’m not a right-winger.

  12. Ahem! If I could return us to the point… The government steals our money and doles it out via a corupt spoils system. It is just and fair for the power brokers to grow fat on the blood of the people becaus the stupid people elected them to do just that

  13. Warren – I agree. As long as we have Demicans and Republocrats in Washington DC, we will have a larger and larger chunk of our paychecks involuntarily confiscated from us in order to fund, as you put it so eloquently, “a corrupt spoils system.”

    The reason why we have budget deficits is not because of the Bush tax cut. The reason we have budget deficits is precisely this sort of completely wasteful government spending. It’s as if these Congressmen think that the only reason why they were elected is to take as much money from other states as possible and have it spent in their state. It’s sort of like a bunch of kids at the dinner table, all fighting over the biggest piece of steak. The sad thing is, that may very well be the reason why some of these wastes of human flesh were elected. Sad, sad, sad.

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