Lott's Strife


The Washington Times weighs in on the ongoing John Lott controversy by noting that at least one respondent to the 1997 survey that Lott's critics charge was a fiction has come forward and seems credible.

This, of course, will not settle anything between the pro-gun and anti-gun camps.


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  1. Who are these people who don’t make back-ups?

    Frankly, at this point I feel anyone who has such sloppy work habits that all their work can be destroyed in one fell swoop is unlikely to be a good thinker.

    Why not just tell reporters the dog ate your records?

  2. Crashed HD is a pretty lame excuse. Lots of things can be recovered from disk crashes. There are firms that specialize in this. Its not cheap, but cheaper than the alleged 2 years spent.

  3. “This, of course, will not settle anything between the pro-gun and anti-gun camps.”

    You’re right — I suggest we settle it with a duel. The pro-gun representative can have the revolver of his or her choice, and the anti-gun representative can have an epee.

  4. Grant:
    Lott (claims to have) attemted to get his HD restored, to the point of sending it out to a recovery service.

    There are lots of people who don’t do backups on their primary machines, we all know we should, but when given the choice between buying a $800 backup solution, and a S&W 629, well, Recoil…

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