Too Hot for NRO


John Derbyshire, Trog to the neocons' Trot, has found a comfortable niche supplying National Review with learned rants on the unpleasantness of blacks, Arabs, and homosexuals. Even NR has its sensitive side, though, to judge from its decision to remove one of Derbyshire's posts to its weblog. Apparently, it contained a rude joke about … the Irish.

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  1. Well, if Derbyshire were to write a column attacking NR as a bunch of “girly-boys” because they took out his post, I’d expect him to go into exile too…

  2. Derbyshire is the best writer on NRO. He doesn’t give a crap about whether his posts are offensive or not. Even if you disagree with him, he always sets out his arguments in a logical manner.

  3. Not always: his post a couple months back on “10 things I do know” (if I recall correctly) was a mismash of occasionally trenchant observations on the current criminal system to dyspeptic condemnations of modern music and research.

    A fair number of folks immediately fisked the article and did a much better job with logic than the ‘Derb.

  4. Hmmm. Does this mean that WB has to remove the line “But we don’t want the Irish!!” from “Blazing Saddles?”…

  5. Makes you wonder why Ann Coulter really got fired.

  6. Casey: to change anything in Blazing Saddles is Heresy of the highest order.

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