"Your Government Is Lying To You (Again)…"


"…About Marijuana." So document the good guys over at NORML, in a line-by-line refutation of the Office of National Drug Control Policy's asinine "Open Letter to America's Prosecutors," which makes the case that pot is Public Enemy No. 1. Even though there have been 6 million pot-related arrests since 1992, the drug czar's office swears we need to do more.

After reading through NORML's devastating takedown, the only question left is: What is the drug czar smoking?


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  1. This is going to sound like I’m whining & I sure could not do better than you are at putting together this Blog.

    But “The government is lying to us about drugs” is up there with “The sun rose in the east this morning” and “Anna Nicole Smith received some undeserved publicity” for newsworthiness.

    What’s your next big scoop? “Some government programs found to contain waste, fraud & mismanagement” “Politician betrays his principles to win an election.”?

  2. Well looks like someone forgot his morning toke. First of all, it is embarrassing how much trust the public does put into the government. Secondly, the link was very interesting, it is a point by point refution of the propaganda being propagated by own Fereral Government. It was all suprisingly coherent coming from a bunch of burnouts, I will no longer think of NORML as the public policy arm of High Times magazine.

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