Obese Kids…


…make the front page of today's NY Daily News.

"The American lifestyle is toxic," said Dr. Karen Rubin, a pediatric endocrinologist and professor of pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine who treats many inner-city youths.

"Supersized beverages containing sugar, high-fat fast foods combined with a sedentary lifestyle at school and at home and, in many cities, horrendous school meals are bringing earlier onset of obesity and what used to be considered 'adult' diseases such as diabetes. This is a national public health crisis."

But help is on the way:

"Lawyers fighting fast food see an encouraging future for their crusade," reports the paper.


(Click here for Reason's resources on the War on Fat.)

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  1. Shakespere didn’t go far enough. Not only do the laywers have to be killed, but the medical professionals with them.

  2. Interesting that in contemporary America we’ve evolved from worrying that poor kids won’t have enought to eat, to worrying that they eat too much. Quite an encouraging thing, if you think of it that way….

  3. But are inner-city kids living the average American lifestyle? I’d hate to think that all kids, all over the country, are dodging gunfire, stepping over crack pipes, and asking “who’s my daddy?”

  4. Uhm, I take it none of you have kids partaking of the school lunch program? Trust me, Health R Us it ain’t. It’s a far cry from my school lunches (which, granted, weren’t anything to write home about). It’s all corporatized, at least out here in the burbs — Hot pockets, Pizza, Nachos, Pizza, Hot pockets. All with brand names attached. (Please, don’t tell me how nutritious pizza is.) And no, I don’t believe in suing McD’s. And joke all you want about kids dodging bullets and crack pipes, but it boils down to keeping kids at home — off the streets — and sedentary. In the burbs we all fear the pedo cruising the streets, so our kids are home-bound too, especially if mom and pop are both working and the kids are home alone.

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